Request help to find and order medicines especially the hard-to-find and specialty medicines.

Pharm drugs

In some cases, saving time and quickly getting the right medicines can mean everything for quality care delivery.

Providers are empowered to source medicines from the right sources and can readily find and order the medicines they need and lessen work stress in drug procurement especially for rare and specialty therapies.

When providers make requests for the medicines they need, the requests are sent to the manufacturers and verified distributors in nearby locations who will reach out to the provider to fill the need.

When needed, providers can request help to secure financing for medicine supplies.

As a clinician, you can share details of challenging cases and get drug source recommendations from providers in different parts of the world including potential participation in clinical trials for drugs under development if necessary.

Clinicians can get drug information directly from manufactures and authorized distributors with significant assurance and support for timely and affordable access to quality medicines, especially for providers in more local communities.