It takes years to discover new medicines and then takes like “ages”, if ever, for some medicines to reach clinicians in many parts of the world like Africa.

While cures may exist, in some cases, clinicians may not just know that the therapies they are looking for exist, let alone have access to cures.

Imagine a world where more providers can readily have access to the medicines and medical supplies they need to deliver care especially in more local communities.

At Medneed, we are building a simple human-centered and tech-enabled system for providers to discover and acquire better medicines for better health outcomes.

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We are on a mission to help improve access to timely and quality medical care for more people by helping more clinicians to readily have the medicines they need.

Bringing together a network of pharma scientists, medical professionals and healthcare vendors, we provide and share important advances that are helping in better understanding and accessibility of therapeutics.

Medneed makes it easier for providers to discover and find new and existing medicines, learn and share vital information on medications such as safety and efficacy, and have access to medicinces they need with improved availability and affordability.

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Why Medneed?

Extend medical research and technological advancements in communities.

Give providers the opportunity to have more choices with quality options and affordable costs.

Enable providers to get the medicines they need when and where they need it on demand.

Ensure providers get medicines they need from certified manufacturers and verified vendors.

Improve accessibility of more payment options and financing incentives for providers.

Make life easier for providers especially busy clinicians in more local communities.