Medneed is a simple way to improve end-to-end access to medical procedures and products for brain and neurological conditions.

We are building a service network of certified professionals and verified vendors to improve access to quality medical care in communities and help build the future of healthcare in Africa and beyond.

With a neurological condition like stroke, getting matched sooner with the right care team makes a lot of difference and usually results in improved clinical outcomes, reduced costs, and better experience for all stakeholders, from the patient to the health system.

On Medneed, you can get information and support to enable you get what you need when and where you need it.

Support patient

Our specialized team will provide professional guidance and support as needed.

We are working to ensure users can readily get access to the right multidisciplinary teams for quality medical care anytime, anywhere.

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Bringing together a network of scientists, medical professionals and healthcare vendors; we provide and share important advances that are helping in better understanding and accessibility of therapeutics for more people.

Support patient

You can join Medneed if your work is relevant for the brain and nervous system health.

The categories include:

Medical Professionals

Medical professionals of specialties and sub-specialties related to the brain and nervous system can join our network of medical professionals who are connected to patients who need their services. Medical professionals also contribute medical updates when available and can review reports shared on Medneed.


Scientists who do research on various aspects of the brain and nervous system can join Medneed to share research updates and review reports shared on Medneed.

Healthcare Vendors

Healthcare vendors who deal in various medical products and paramedical services can join Medneed to share and provide products and services relevant for the brain and nervous system.

Medical Equipment

Why Medneed?

Enable users to get whatever they need for quality medical care fast on demand.

Give users the opportunity to have more choices with quality options and affordable costs.

Ensure users get what they need from certified professionals and verified vendors using specialized teams.

Provide more financing and credit options so users can get what they need when they need it and can pay later.

Extend medical research and technological advancements in communities.

Make life easier for users and providers especially busy medical care providers.

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Medneed is your companion for quality medical care. Do you need anything? Specialized teams are available to help.