Medneed Guidance

We understand the challenges that clinicians and healthcare professionals face in adopting new technologies while managing the financial aspects of projects.  

Using a flexible and strategic process, we help alleviate the common pain points associated with sourcing solutions, negotiating rates and making payments. We directly match you with appropriate AI-enabled solutions and payment options that align with your workflows and revenue streams. 

Fill in the sections below, and we will aim to match you with appropriate solutions.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medneed Guidance

Medneed Guidance is a flexible service to help clinicians and life scientists find and finance AI-enabled solutions.

What AI solutions are available to me?

We will match you with suitable solutions based on your requirements and information provided.

What are the available financing options?

We primarily recommend revenue-based financing. Other financing options may be recommended when available. Of course, you can fully pay and procure any solutions without any external financing.

Can I get this service?

This is a global service available to clinics and labs. However, the solutions and financing available to you may vary based on your location.

How does it work?

Step 1: You send in your requirements with the form above.

Step 2: Our team conducts a personalized assessment to understand your unique requirements and match you to solutions and financing options that may best suit you. 

Step 3: Once approved, you can make payment or use any available financing option to procure and integrate the solutions into your practice. Our team supports you throughout the implementation process. 

Kindly send any other questions or inquiries to

We are dedicated to supporting clinicians and life scientists in achieving exceptional patient outcomes through the adoption of transformative technologies.