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Based on the principle of innovative collaboration, Medneed Connect is for clinicians and life scientists who want to test AI-solutions and share their input during early development. We bring together clinics and AI developers in a dynamic partnership that enables more robust model development that positively impacts patient outcomes.

Through Medneed Connect, clinicians and life scientists can contribute in the development of the solutions they use, and facilitate the implementation and validation of new applications in diverse real-world clinical settings.  

Fill in the sections below, providing all necessary information to ensure the likelihood of being matched with the right projects and partners. Please feel free to leave out any section or information you do not currently have. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Medneed Connect?

Medneed Connect emerged from a shared vision of creating a collaborative ecosystem that harnesses the potential of both healthcare expertise and cutting-edge technology. We foster collaborations that empower clinicians and life scientists to help accelerate discovery and advancements for healthcare progress and positive patient outcomes.

What are the main objectives?

Accelerate Discovery: Expedite the discovery and development of AI solutions that enhance healthcare practices.

Facilitate Implementation: Empower clinics with state-of-the-art technologies to elevate patient care to new heights.

Foster Collaboration: Enhance the rate and reach of collaborative works for groundbreaking research that can shape the future of healthcare.

What are the benefits for clinics and health systems?

Contribute to What You Use: Clinics and health systems can make contributions to ensure that AI solutions are built in such a way that they are suitable for medical use early on. They can ensure streamlined workflows by collaborating on the development of AI tools that integrate seamlessly into existing healthcare workflows, saving time and resources.

Lead Innovation: Participating clinics and health systems have the opportunity to enhance patient care with access to state-of-the-art AI technologies designed to improve diagnostics, treatment planning, and patient outcomes.

Research Opportunities: Medneed Connect will ensure unique opportunities for clinicians to participate in cutting-edge research initiatives that contribute to medical advancements and evidence-based practices.

Payment and Funding Opportunities: Participants usually receive various forms of compensation for their time and efforts including monetary payments. Some opportunities come with funding to further help clinics and health systems acquire innovative tools for improved care delivery.

What are the benefits for AI developers and researchers?

Access to Diverse Inputs: Gain access to more comprehensive datasets and direct insights from collaborating clinics, enabling more robust model development.

Real-World Validation: Test and validate AI models in real clinical settings with more timely feedback, and ensure effectiveness and relevance for more users when deployed in practice.

Market Adoption: New developments and solutions can be offered to clinicians and healthcare professionals who have greater understanding and the willingness to use AI-solutions to accelerate market adoption.

How does it work?

01. Expression of Interest: Clinics and AI developers express their interest in collaborating by filling in and submitting the form above.

02. Communication and Sharing Protocols: We implement secure and ethical communication and data sharing protocols to protect both collaborators and patient privacy. After submitting the form, we will educate you and confirm you understand and will abide by established protocols.

03. Need Assessment and Matching: Following project requests, we conduct a need assessment to match clinics with AI developers based on their goals, requirements and interests.

What are our guiding principles and collaboration framework?

Our collaboration framework is built on transparency, trust, and mutual benefit. We prioritize the ethical handling of data, respect for privacy, and a commitment to driving positive change in healthcare.

Collaboration between clinics and AI developers leads to early and accurate diagnoses, empowering clinicians with effective clinical decision-making and process optimization tools, as well as continuous improvement in healthcare practices through ongoing research and innovation.

By fostering collaboration, we envision a healthcare landscape where research breakthroughs drive continuous improvements in patient care, AI innovations become integral to better healthcare workflows, and clinicians and developers work hand-in-hand to shape the future of medicine.

We will always seek to make our mutual relationship and commitment work for everyone.

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