Absci’s Integrated Drug Creation™ platform begins with the Data to Train.

Absci is a biotechnology company focused on revolutionizing drug discovery through the innovative use of generative artificial intelligence (AI). They combine deep learning AI and synthetic biology t with scalable wet lab technologies to create novel biologics faster and more efficiently than traditional methods.

The mission of Absci revolves around unlocking the potential of generative AI to revolutionize the field of biologic drug discovery to create better biologics for patients, faster.

Absci’s approach involves designing antibodies “from scratch” using their zero-shot AI approach. Unlike traditional drug discovery methods that rely on existing antibody libraries, Absci’s AI designs antibodies without prior learning on the specific target. This enables the generation of candidate antibodies that are distinct from those found in existing databases. The candidates that show promise can be experimentally validated in the wet lab, reducing the time and cost associated with lead optimization.

By leveraging AI and synthetic biology, Absci aims to overcome the limitations of traditional drug discovery. Their Integrated Drug Creation™ platform allows them to build and test millions of AI designs every week. The resulting wet lab data drives an experimental cycle that can take them from design to data in as little as six weeks. This platform provides the data to train AI models, the AI to generate new biologic-based therapeutics, and the wet lab to validate and refine the candidates.

Absci’s technology has the potential to disrupt the biopharmaceutical industry by enabling faster and more efficient drug discovery and development. Their innovative approach may lead to the discovery of new treatments for traditionally “undruggable” diseases and improved therapeutic possibilities for many others.

Absci was the first to use zero-shot generative Ai to design and validate de novo antibody candidates, potentially reducing by >50% the time to get new drug leads into the clinic – while also increasing their probability of success.

Some highlights about Absci;


Integrated Drug Creation™ platform: combines AI, data, and wet lab technologies for rapid drug discovery.

Generative AI: designs novel protein sequences with desired properties.

Synthetic Biology: enables rapid and efficient protein production.

 Focus Areas:

De novo design: creating new biologics from scratch.

Lead optimization: improving existing drug candidates.

Target identification: identifying new targets for drug development.

Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC) development: designing ADCs with tailored properties.


Faster drug discovery: AI-powered platform accelerates the discovery process significantly.

Higher probability of success: AI designs drug candidates with optimized properties for higher success rates in clinical trials.

Reduced costs: AI helps to reduce the costs associated with traditional drug discovery methods.

Access to vast sequence space: AI explores a broader range of possibilities than traditional methods, leading to the identification of novel and potentially more effective drugs.

Current Stage:

Privately held company.

Partnership agreements with several pharmaceutical companies and recently with Astra Zeneca.

Developing a pipeline of novel drugs for various diseases.

Future Outlook:

Continued growth and investment in AI technology.

Expansion of drug discovery pipelines.

Potential for significant impact on the future of drug development.


Absci website: https://www.absci.com/

Absci Technology: https://www.absci.com/technology/