Unlearn is a pioneering AI-first company committed to advancing artificial intelligence in medicine, aiming to eliminate trial and error and usher in a new era of precision healthcare. Focused on innovation, Unlearn strives to redefine the landscape of medical research and treatment methodologies.


1. AI-powered Clinical Trials

Unlearn’s visionary plan involves creating digital twins of patients in clinical trials, paving the way for more efficient, ethical, and reliable studies. The objective is to design an AI capable of simulating patient responses and ultimately transform clinical trials into a computational science.

2. Patient-Specific Treatment Plans

Unlearn aspires to enhance its AI to predict treatment outcomes at an individual patient level, providing accurate guidance for treatment decisions. The goal is to tailor treatment plans based on personalized AI-generated predictions.

3. Medicine as Computational Science

The grand vision is to scale AI solutions until the majority of medical practices evolve into a computational science, fundamentally changing the approach to patient care and medical decision-making.

Use Cases

1. AI-powered Clinical Trials for Huntington’s Disease and ALS

Unlearn’s TwinRCTs™, powered by patients’ digital twins, have demonstrated a 21% reduction in control arms during Phase 3 trials for Huntington’s Disease and ALS. This reduction accelerates time-to-enrollment, makes confident decisions from early-stage studies, and attracts study participants.

2. Accelerated Time-to-Market

AI-powered TwinRCTs hit enrollment targets faster, requiring fewer patients to achieve the same power compared to traditional trial designs. This accelerates the time-to-market for potential treatments.

3. Precision in Trial Analyses

Incorporating comprehensive information from patients’ digital twins into trial analyses allows for more precise estimates of treatment effects at the population, subgroup, and individual patient levels.

Unlearn’s bold approach to AI in medicine positions it as a catalyst for transformation. With a focus on expediting clinical drug development, Unlearn’s TwinRCTs™ and disease-specific digital twin generators showcase the potential to revolutionize medical research and treatment paradigms. As they continue to pave the regulatory pathway for AI-powered clinical research, collaborations with industry leaders like Merck KGaA underscore Unlearn’s commitment to shaping the future of medicine through artificial intelligence.