Ambience stands as a leading AI operating system for healthcare. This innovative platform aims to address critical issues such as clinician burnout, enhance system efficiency, and elevate the overall quality of patient care.


Synergistic Ecosystem of AI Applications: Ambience presents a cohesive ecosystem of AI applications, providing stakeholders with comprehensive visibility into the entire patient journey. By harnessing collective organizational expertise, the platform empowers healthcare professionals with tailored solutions.

Specialty-Tailored Applications: Ambience’s AutoScribe, AutoCDI, AutoAVS, AutoRefer, and AutoPrep are intelligently designed applications, meticulously fine-tuned for each specialty’s unique workflows, care models, and reimbursement frameworks. These applications collectively contribute to gold-standard documentation, coding accuracy, patient summaries, referral letters, and intelligent pre-charting.

Seamless EHR Integrations: Ambience seamlessly integrates with Electronic Health Records (EHR), offering smooth data exchange and ensuring compatibility with custom structured data fields. This integration enhances the interoperability of healthcare systems.

Seamless EHR Integration:

Ambience offers a hassle-free integration into your Electronic Health Record (EHR) workflows, ensuring a smooth transition for healthcare providers. The platform seamlessly interfaces with popular EHR systems, including Epic, Cerner, Athena Health, eClinicalWorks, Elation, and AdvancedMD.

Rapid Implementation:

Experience a swift onboarding process with Ambience – the platform guarantees to go live within 2–4 weeks. This accelerated implementation timeline minimizes disruption to your existing workflows while swiftly introducing the benefits of the Ambience AI operating system.

Real-time Schedule Synchronization:

The Ambience mobile and web applications provide real-time synchronization with your EHR’s scheduling system. Patient appointments and relevant information are effortlessly pulled into Ambience, ensuring accurate and up-to-date data for healthcare providers. The platform is also compatible with Epic’s Haiku app, enhancing accessibility for mobile users.

Instant Documentation Upload:

Complete your patient appointments with ease, as Ambience allows for the instant upload of completed notes directly into your EHR’s existing templates. This feature streamlines the documentation process, reducing administrative burden and enhancing efficiency in clinical workflows.

Structured Data Integration:

Ambience ensures a two-way data flow by seamlessly pushing structured data back into your EHR. This integration extends to flowsheets and smart data elements within your EHR, contributing to critical components such as reporting, registries, research, and nursing workflows. The platform’s commitment to structured data enhances the overall quality of data for improved patient care and facilitates meaningful use in various healthcare contexts.

Specialties and Subspecialties

Ambience caters to a wide array of medical specialties and subspecialties, providing specialty-specific documentation and support. From Emergency Medicine to Gynecology, the platform covers diverse areas, ensuring accurate and detailed documentation across various medical domains.

Technology Advantage

Ambience’s AI platform boasts several technological advantages, including:

  • Intelligent Speech Recognition: Effectively navigates challenging conversation scenarios, such as noisy environments, accents, and medical jargon.
  • Complex Workflow Support: Adaptable to diverse interaction modes, including in-person, asynchronous chat, phone calls, and video visits, ensuring seamless operation even with intermittent WiFi.
  • Multi-lingual Capabilities: Generates English documentation for conversations in multiple languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, and more.
  • Longitudinal Context Integration: Integrates historical data from EHR to capture relevant context for each visit.

Book a Demo:

Explore the full potential of the Ambience AI operating system by booking a demo. Witness firsthand how Ambience can adeptly manage complex scenarios across all medical specialties and subspecialties, providing a comprehensive solution for healthcare providers.

Ambience emerges as a transformative force in healthcare, addressing critical issues through its AI-driven operating system. The platform’s ability to tailor applications to specific specialties, seamless EHR integration, and advanced technological features positions it as a comprehensive solution to enhance clinical workflows, improve documentation accuracy, and ultimately elevate patient care standards.