atai Life Sciences aims to redefine how the world approaches, prevents, and heals mental health disorders. Leveraging a decentralized platform approach, atai incubates and accelerates the development of highly effective mental health treatments to address the unmet needs of patients globally.


atai’s programs focus on both psychedelic and non-psychedelic drug development, targeting a range of mental health disorders including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and substance use disorder. These programs span preclinical to Phase 3 stages, with strategic investments in innovative therapies and enabling technologies.


atai is led by a team of industry experts and scientists committed to reshaping mental health paradigms. With a diverse and dedicated workforce, atai fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration to drive impactful change in the field of mental health.


atai Life Sciences stays at the forefront of mental health innovation, with regular updates on groundbreaking research, clinical trials, and strategic partnerships. Through media channels, atai shares insights, announcements, and achievements with stakeholders and the broader community.


atai’s impact extends beyond drug development to encompass education, access, and ecosystem support. Through atai Impact, the company collaborates with nonprofits and institutions to destigmatize mental health, promote access to innovative therapies, and contribute to the sustainability of diverse stakeholder communities.

atai Life Sciences attracts investment from a diverse range of stakeholders, including strategic partners, venture capitalists, and impact investors. With a robust portfolio of programs and a vision for transformative change, atai continues to garner support for its mission-driven approach to mental health innovation.