Quibim pioneers the transformation of medical imaging data into actionable predictions, empowering healthcare providers and life sciences companies to enhance patient outcomes. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology and a cloud-based platform, Quibim unlocks valuable insights from imaging data to drive precision medicine and accelerate drug development programs.

Quibim offers a comprehensive, cloud-based platform designed to handle, integrate, store, and process multi-omics data with imaging as its foundation. This platform facilitates the extraction of standardized image quality, minimizing variability across equipment manufacturers and acquisition protocols. With features such as real-time data QC, automated quantification of imaging biomarkers, and structured quantitative reporting, Quibim’s platform optimizes drug development programs and enhances patient care.

Data Security:
Quibim prioritizes data security, holding ISO 27001 certification and ensuring encryption during storage, transfer, and file-level access. Compliant with regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR, Quibim’s platform utilizes Microsoft Azure’s cloud infrastructure for secure and unlimited data storage.

Image Analysis:
Through advanced AI algorithms, Quibim automates the extraction of radiomics and deep features from medical images, facilitating clinical research and the discovery of new imaging biomarkers. This enables healthcare providers and researchers to make data-driven decisions, leading to improved patient stratification and disease management.

Life Sciences:
Quibim collaborates with biopharma companies and real-world evidence-driven teams to accelerate drug development programs. By identifying candidates for clinical studies, predicting treatment response, and monitoring toxicity and adverse events through AI models, Quibim contributes to evidence-based medicine and precision healthcare.

Quibim develops best-in-class software as medical devices for healthcare providers, including:

  1. QP-Prostate®: Revolutionizing prostate MRI interpretation with precise, quantitative information and automated tasks, ensuring PI-RADS compliance and standardized decision-making.
  2. QP-Brain®: Accelerating brain diagnosis through volumetric and white matter hyperintensity analysis, providing objective insights to support disease classification and progression.

Quibim is dedicated to transforming healthcare and improving human lives through AI-guided precision solutions. With a focus on unlocking imaging data and translating it into actionable predictions, Quibim aims to revolutionize patient care and drug development.

Quibim stands at the forefront of medical innovation, driving advancements in precision medicine and drug development through its pioneering AI-powered platform and suite of clinical tools. With a commitment to data security, collaboration, and continuous innovation, Quibim is poised to shape the future of healthcare.