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BetterUp is a behavioral health solution that focuses on helping individuals achieve their personal and professional goals through a combination of coaching, technology, and analytics. Notably, it gained attention when Prince Harry of the British royal family joined as Chief Impact Officer. BetterUp offers a range of coaching services tailored to individual needs, leveraging a global network of certified coaches, including licensed therapists and specialists.

Key Features:

  • IdentifyAI: BetterUp’s proprietary feature assesses the entire employee population and segments individuals by career stage, preferred learning methods, and readiness for coaching. It then makes specific recommendations for each person, including coach type, amount of coaching, specialists, and curated content.
  • Coaching Services:
    • Dedicated Coaching: One-on-one sessions between employees and coaches.
    • On-Demand Coaching: Same-day coaching sessions for immediate support.
    • Specialist Coaching: Expert coaches for targeted needs such as nutrition and sleep.
    • Coaching Circles: Live group sessions for peer support.
  • Focus on Professional Success: BetterUp’s coaching services are geared toward professional success, offering support for defining goals, tracking progress, and regular assessments. This places BetterUp in the “social well-being” category, emphasizing career development and performance improvement.

Metrics of Success:

BetterUp claims significant improvements in individual and team performance, resilience, and manager satisfaction, including a 130% increase in individual job performance, a 25% increase in team performance, a 149% increase in employee resilience, and 77% of managers reporting a more adaptive team.

How it Works:

Employers can integrate BetterUp into their workforce development strategies, leveraging its AI-driven platform to provide personalized coaching experiences for employees. Through IdentifyAI, individuals are matched with the most suitable coaches and resources to support their growth and development.

Use Cases:

BetterUp is suitable for organizations seeking to enhance employee performance, resilience, and overall well-being. It caters to individuals at various career stages and offers tailored coaching to address specific needs, fostering professional growth and organizational success.


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BetterUp offers a comprehensive solution for organizations looking to invest in their employees’ development and well-being. By leveraging AI-driven insights and a global network of certified coaches, BetterUp provides personalized coaching experiences that drive individual and team performance. Employers can benefit from BetterUp’s focus on professional success and measurable outcomes, supporting a culture of continuous learning and growth within their organizations. Individuals can access tailored coaching to achieve their personal and professional goals, supported by evidence-based practices and expert guidance.

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