Overview: Heal is a healthcare app that facilitates house calls by doctors, aiming to enhance accessibility and affordability of medical services. Through the app, users can schedule visits for a range of healthcare needs, from acute conditions to preventive care and pediatric services.

Features and Benefits:

  • House Calls: Heal distinguishes itself by offering on-demand house calls, allowing users to receive medical care in the comfort of their homes. This personalized approach enables doctors to assess patients in their environment, leading to more comprehensive care and tailored recommendations.
  • Telemedicine Services: In addition to house calls, Heal provides virtual appointments via telemedicine, offering convenience and flexibility for users who prefer remote consultations.
  • Affordable Pricing: Patients without insurance pay a flat fee of $159 for a house call and $79 for a telemedicine call, making Heal’s services accessible to a wide range of individuals. Those with insurance typically pay their standard co-pay rates.
  • Provider Selection: Heal allows users to choose their preferred doctor from a list of available providers, fostering continuity of care and patient-provider relationships.
  • Insurance Coverage: Heal’s services are covered by major health insurance carriers, including Medicare and several others, reducing out-of-pocket costs for insured individuals.


  • Comprehensive Care Options: Heal offers both house calls and telemedicine services, providing users with convenient access to various types of medical care.
  • Holistic Approach: By visiting patients at home, Heal doctors can consider environmental and lifestyle factors in their assessments, leading to more holistic care and long-term wellness recommendations.
  • Patient-Provider Relationship: Users have the option to designate a Preferred Doctor, allowing them to establish ongoing relationships with healthcare providers similar to traditional primary care arrangements.
  • Insurance Acceptance: Heal’s acceptance of major insurance plans enhances affordability and accessibility for insured individuals.


  • Limited Availability: Heal’s services are currently available in only 11 states and Washington, D.C., potentially restricting access for users in other regions.
  • Language Limitations: While Heal offers services in English, the app itself currently lacks language options beyond English, potentially excluding users who prefer other languages. However, doctors who speak Spanish, Mandarin, Farsi, and Hindi are available.

User Feedback:

  • Customers praise Heal for its efficiency and effectiveness in delivering care, particularly through house calls. Positive experiences with doctors and the overall service contribute to high levels of user satisfaction.

Conclusion: Heal stands out as a top choice for individuals seeking convenient and personalized medical care through house calls and telemedicine services. With its affordable pricing, insurance acceptance, and emphasis on patient-provider relationships, Heal addresses various healthcare needs while prioritizing accessibility and quality of care. Although limited availability and language options are potential drawbacks, Heal’s unique approach to healthcare delivery makes it a valuable option for many users seeking on-demand medical services.