Healow is a useful health records management solution, offering users access to their electronic health records (EHRs) from over 100,000 participating providers. With features such as appointment booking, medication reminders, and the ability to add accounts for family members, Healow provides a comprehensive solution for organizing and managing healthcare records.

Features and Benefits:

  • Access to EHRs: Healow gives users immediate access to their electronic health records, including laboratory test results and medications, from a wide network of providers.
  • Appointment Booking: Users can conveniently schedule appointments through the app, streamlining the process of managing healthcare appointments.
  • Medication Reminders and Refill Requests: Healow offers medication reminders and refill requests, helping users stay on top of their medication schedules and ensuring timely refills.
  • Family Account Management: Users can add accounts for minor children or family members with their consent, making it easier to manage the healthcare records of multiple individuals.
  • Specialized Apps: Healow offers specialized apps for pediatric and prenatal care, catering to the unique healthcare needs of children and expectant mothers.


  • Comprehensive Health Records Management: Healow allows users to store all their electronic medical records, appointments, prescriptions, and more in one secure place, promoting better organization and accessibility of healthcare information.
  • Family Account Feature: The ability to add family members to the account streamlines healthcare management for caregivers managing the health of multiple individuals.
  • Record Transfer Between Providers: Healow makes it easy to transfer records between providers, ensuring continuity of care when users switch doctors or begin seeing a new specialist.
  • Convenient Appointment Booking: Users can schedule appointments conveniently through the app, saving time and effort in managing healthcare appointments.


  • Dependent on Provider Participation: Users can only access their healthcare records through Healow if their healthcare providers are signed up with the platform, requiring confirmation from providers before downloading the app.
  • Potential for Errors: Some users have reported experiencing errors with the app, particularly when correcting errors or retrieving messages, highlighting the need for ongoing improvements in app functionality and user experience.

User Feedback:

  • Healow users appreciate the app for its convenience in accessing medical information and managing healthcare. Many users find the app helpful in organizing health records and communicating with their doctors.

Healow emerges as one of top choices for health records management, offering a comprehensive platform for accessing electronic health records, scheduling appointments, and managing medications. With features such as family account management and specialized apps for pediatric and prenatal care, Healow caters to the diverse healthcare needs of individuals and families, promoting better organization and accessibility of healthcare information. Despite some potential limitations, Healow’s benefits in health records management make it a valuable tool for enhancing patient engagement and healthcare management.