Alto Neuroscience pioneers a patient-centric approach to psychiatric drug development, harnessing AI-derived brain biomarkers to precisely match patients with appropriate medications. Under the leadership of founder Amit Etkin, MD, PhD, the company aims to elevate mental health outcomes through precision medicine.

Our Mission:
We are dedicated to advancing precision neuropsychiatric care by crafting personalized treatment options grounded in neurobiology. Our mission is to challenge the trial-and-error paradigm in psychiatry by pinpointing the most suitable patients for our innovative drug candidates.

Biomarker Platform:
At Alto, we deploy an AI-driven biomarker platform honed over a decade of clinical neuroscience research. This platform empowers us to identify patients likely to respond positively to our novel product candidates, bolstering clinical success rates.

Clinical-Stage Pipeline:
With a diverse pipeline targeting mental health conditions like depression and PTSD, we expedite patient identification for each drug. Leveraging our biomarker platform, we strive to efficaciously address the mounting mental health crisis.

Unmet Needs:
The surge in mental health disorders outpaces the current trial-and-error approach’s capabilities. Millions globally suffer from these conditions, underscoring the imperative for personalized treatment options.

Precision Medicine Approach:
Our precision medicine strategy involves stratifying patients to align them with suitable Alto product candidates. Drawing on extensive preclinical and clinical data, we endeavor to deliver transformative therapies to those afflicted by mental health disorders.

Selected Publications:
Alto Neuroscience’s groundbreaking research appears in esteemed journals, underscoring our commitment to advancing neuropsychiatry. Our publications underscore the efficacy of our biomarker-driven approach in anticipating treatment response.

Ongoing Clinical Studies:
We actively conduct clinical studies to assess our product candidates’ efficacy in treating conditions like major depressive disorder (MDD). These endeavors seek to furnish additional evidence of the effectiveness of our precision medicine approach.

Alto Neuroscience spearheads psychiatric drug development with a precision medicine ethos. Through innovative AI-driven biomarkers and a robust clinical-stage pipeline, we’re primed to address the unmet needs of individuals grappling with mental health conditions. Connect with us to delve deeper into our pioneering initiatives and explore investment opportunities in reshaping neuropsychiatric care.

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