GammaTile Therapy, developed by GT Medical Technologies, is a Surgically Targeted Radiation Therapy (STaRT) designed to improve outcomes for patients with brain tumors. Placed by neurosurgeons at the time of tumor resection, GammaTile Therapy delivers radiation directly to the tumor bed, aiming to delay tumor recurrence and potentially extend survival. By minimizing radiation exposure to healthy tissue, GammaTile Therapy reduces side effects such as hair loss and assures 100% treatment compliance.

How It Works

GammaTile Therapy utilizes a unique approach to deliver radiation to tumor cells while preserving healthy brain tissue. The therapy targets tumor cells with a high dose of radiation while minimizing exposure to surrounding healthy tissue. The therapy’s design allows for an even dose distribution, optimizing local tumor control and reducing radiation-related adverse events.


  • Immediate, dose-intense treatment at the completion of resection
  • Extends local recurrence-free survival with minimal complications
  • Reduces patient and caregiver treatment burden in terms of time and travel
  • Assures 100% treatment compliance for all patients

Clinical Evidence

Clinical studies and publications support the efficacy and safety of GammaTile Therapy. Studies have demonstrated significant improvements in local control compared to standard-of-care treatments for recurrent brain metastases and recurrent meningiomas. Additionally, GammaTile Therapy shows promise in improving overall survival in patients with recurrent glioblastoma.

Future Directions

GammaTile Therapy is being evaluated in ongoing clinical trials to further assess its efficacy and expand its indications. Through continued research and collaboration, GT Medical Technologies aims to enhance brain tumor treatment options and improve patient outcomes.

Leadership and Mission

GT Medical Technologies is dedicated to improving the lives of patients with brain tumors. Led by a team of experienced executives and founders, the company operates based on principles of patient focus, collaboration, consistency, compliance, creativity, value optimization, and perseverance.


GammaTile Therapy represents a significant advancement in the treatment of brain tumors, offering targeted radiation therapy with minimal side effects and assured treatment compliance. With ongoing research and clinical trials, GammaTile Therapy has the potential to further improve outcomes for patients with brain tumors and fulfill its mission of enhancing the standard of care in neuro-oncology.