The most powerful cognitive training product for elite athletes is now available for athletic and academic programs.


A full cognitive training system designed for coaches and educators to elevate their students and athletes. NeuroTrainer combines industry-leading virtual reality, data science, and neuroscience to improve the cognitive skills important to high performers.


3 Components to Drive Optimal Performance

    • Activate Performance Now: Results in minutes, not weeks. Short high-intensity sessions to activate focus and flow. Use before practices, games, or important events where you need to show up and play full-out.
      • Pre-Game Mental Activation: Get in the zone before games to perform at the highest level.
      • Focus Training Before Practices: Improve focus and neuroplasticity to accelerate learning and skill acquisition.
    • Improve Resilience & Mental Agility: Upgrade your brain. Improve your decision-making, focus, and mental agility. Train with virtual reality exercises designed to make you a better athlete and student.
      • Optimize Key Cognitive Skills: Train decision making, hand-eye coordination, and reaction time in full-body virtual reality training environments.
      • Improve Athlete & Student Resilience: Adapt to fast-paced mental reps and improve performance under pressure.
    • Track Usage & Performance: Easy-to-use coaching dashboard to track performance improvements in your team right from your phone or computer.
      • Intuitive Coaching Dashboards: Break down progress reports, leaderboards, and activity feeds to know where your athletes are at throughout their program.
      • Training Plans Designed For Teams: Work with your NeuroTrainer rep to identify the best training plans for your goals, and break your team into cohorts for optimal training.


Use NeuroTrainer regularly before practices and games to measurably improve cognitive abilities.

  • Focus: Enhanced focus in game and academic situations allow you to block out distractions and get in the zone.
  • Reaction Time: Improve your reaction time so you can respond instinctively to any situation and be where you need to be on time.
  • Decision Making: Make the right decision more quickly when it matters so you can take that shot or make that pass on time.
  • Sports Vision: Expand your peripheral vision and see more of the court or field, as well as improve your visual speed of processing.
  • Situational Awareness: Enhance your awareness of your surroundings so you can keep tabs on players and opponents with ease.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Boost your hand-eye coordination so you can get your hands on the ball more often and take more accurate shots.

Designed for coaches and educators at every level.

Hundreds of coaches & educators have turned to NeuroTrainer to get an edge on the court, field, and classroom.


“NeuroTrainer helped my athletes transition from school to practice, and resulted in greater focus and more engagement in practice.” Amy McLeay Head Volleyball Coach Marian High School

“It’s my 3rd season using NeuroTrainer and my players rave about it. It helps with decision making and focus before games.” Teresa DeGeorge Head Soccer Coach Gretna Elite Academy

Give your students and athletes the edge they need to succeed.

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