Introducing AnalyzGPT, a simple AI tool, specifically tailored for assessing x-ray images of hands and legs. This cutting-edge platform efficiently identifies fractures, deduces potential scenarios, and provides additional insights, making it a valuable asset in the realm of healthcare technology. AnalyzGPT offers a user-friendly, free-to-use platform with a range of impressive features designed to enhance the analysis of x-ray images.


  • Fracture Detection: AnalyzGPT excels in pinpointing fractures in x-ray images of hands and legs, aiding medical professionals in prompt and accurate assessments.
  • Accident Scenario Deduction: The tool goes beyond fracture detection, deducing potential accident scenarios based on the x-ray evidence, providing comprehensive insights for healthcare professionals and accident investigators.
  • Free-to-Use Platform: AnalyzGPT is accessible to users without any cost, making it a readily available resource for medical professionals, individuals, and accident investigators.

Use Cases

AnalyzGPT caters to a diverse range of users, including:

  • Medical Professionals: Utilizing the tool for quick and accurate evaluation of x-ray images, enhancing diagnostic capabilities in fracture identification.
  • Individuals: Using AnalyzGPT as an initial analysis tool before consulting healthcare experts, providing preliminary insights into potential fractures.
  • Accident Investigators: Taking advantage of the tool’s ability to deduce accident scenarios based on x-ray evidence, aiding in accident reconstruction.

How to Use

  1. Visit AnalyzGPT Demo: Access the platform to get a detailed report of your x-ray images.
  2. Submit X-ray Reports: Share the public link of your x-ray reports, ensuring the images are of human hands or legs.
  3. Receive Analysis: AnalyzGPT Demo will provide a comprehensive analysis, detailing fractures, accident scenarios, and more.

AnalyzGPT can be a invaluable addition to healthcare technology, offering a sophisticated solution for the analysis of x-ray images. With its advanced capabilities in fracture detection, accident scenario deduction, and a user-friendly, free-to-use platform, AnalyzGPT caters to the diverse needs of medical professionals, individuals, and accident investigators. This tool marks a significant advancement in leveraging AI for enhanced diagnostics and insights in the healthcare sector.