Hippocratic AI is a pioneering force dedicated to revolutionizing medical education and practice through AI-powered solutions tailored for medical students, physicians, and patients. Rooted in a belief that AI should augment human intelligence and empathy, Hippocratic AI strives to enhance outcomes and experiences by harnessing the potential of data and algorithms.

Subscription Plans

  1. Best Value Annual Plan:
    • Billed at $99.99 USD per year.
    • 7 days free trial.
    • $8.33 USD per month.
  2. Monthly Plan:
    • 7 days free trial.
    • $9.99 USD per month.
    • Annual subscription at $99.99 USD, automatically renewing each year after the free trial.

Interactive Learning with AI-powered Patients

  1. Chat with Simulated Patients:
    • Practice history-taking skills through interactive sessions with AI-powered simulated patients.
    • Develop proficiency in asking questions in various orders for different medical presentations.
  2. Comprehensive Clinical Practice:
    • Go beyond history-taking; order examinations, investigations, and interpret results to formulate accurate diagnoses.
    • Receive valuable feedback to strengthen clinical skills across communication, bedside manner, diagnostic reasoning, and pharmacology.

Student Testimonials

  • Positive experiences shared by medical students, highlighting the significant benefits of learning question sequencing and the practical impact on OSCEs.
  • Transformation from apprehension to confidence in patient interactions and communication skills.
  • Recognition of the lifelike and responsive nature of simulated patients, creating an authentic and immersive learning environment.

Educational Transformation

  1. Cutting-edge AI-patient Simulation Models:
    • Hippocratic AI breaks away from traditional textbooks, introducing advanced AI-patient simulation models.
    • Virtual patients emulate real-life scenarios, providing a safe and realistic platform for practicing patient interviews.
  2. Immersive Simulated Training:
    • Enhance clinical rotations with immersive simulated training.
    • Develop skills in patient rapport, sensitive questioning, and diagnostic proficiency, setting the foundation for becoming a skilled clinician.

Upcoming Features

  • Continuous innovation with upcoming features focusing on practice, learning, revision, and testing.
  • Commitment to evolving medical learning by introducing dynamic and interactive elements.

Core Values

  • Alignment: Ensuring AI applications align with the goals and values of patients and the medical profession.
  • Safety: Prioritizing safety in AI applications within the healthcare context.
  • Consent: Acknowledging the importance of aligning AI use with patient and medical professional goals.
  • Equity: Striving for fairness and inclusivity in AI applications in healthcare.

Embark on a transformative journey with Hippocratic AI to elevate your medical education and practice. The platform’s commitment to aligning with medical values, ensuring safety, and fostering equity, coupled with its innovative AI-driven simulations, positions it as a trailblazer in shaping the future of medical learning. Start your journey today, experience hands-on learning, and strengthen your skills with AI-powered feedback. Try Hippocratic AI for free and step into the future of medical education.