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MDLive is a telehealth service that offers both physical and mental health care, including counseling and psychiatry services. Their behavioral health network includes licensed therapists and psychiatrists, providing comprehensive support for individuals needing talk therapy or prescription medication.

Key Features:

  • Counseling and psychiatry: MDLive offers both counseling and psychiatry services, ensuring that users have access to licensed professionals who can provide therapy and prescribe medication if necessary.
  • Convenient access: Users can create a free account and browse profiles of available therapists to find the best fit. Most appointments can be scheduled within a few days, providing quicker access compared to traditional in-person therapy.
  • Flexible sessions: Sessions can be conducted via phone or video chat through MDLive’s website or mobile app, offering convenience and flexibility in accessing therapy.


  • Psychiatry services: MDLive offers psychiatry services, allowing users to connect with licensed physicians who can prescribe medication when necessary.
  • Insurance coverage: Users have the option to use health insurance to offset the cost of therapy sessions, making it more affordable for those with coverage.
  • Language accessibility: MDLive’s services are available in nearly 50 languages, catering to clients who prefer speaking in a language other than English.


  • Cost: At $108 per session, MDLive’s services are relatively expensive compared to some other options. However, insurance coverage may reduce the out-of-pocket cost for insured individuals.
  • Lack of messaging option: MDLive does not provide therapy clients with the option to message or connect with their therapist between appointments, limiting ongoing support outside of sessions.

What Customers Are Saying

MDLive’s therapy services receive positive feedback from clients who have used them for various mental and emotional health issues. Users appreciate the support they receive and find the therapists helpful in addressing their concerns.

MDLive offers a comprehensive telehealth solution for individuals seeking therapy and psychiatric services. While the cost per session may be a consideration for some, the availability of psychiatry services and insurance coverage options make it an accessible option for many. With convenient access and language accessibility, MDLive provides effective support for individuals seeking mental health care

Learn more: https://www.mdlive.com/