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Ritual offers online therapy services tailored specifically for individuals and couples seeking to improve their connection with their partners. Through ongoing video sessions with trained relationship experts, users can address relationship goals and challenges in a convenient and accessible format. Ritual draws from science-backed research and personalized therapy plans to support users on their relationship journey.

Key Features:

  • Personalized therapy plans: Users begin with an introductory session to discuss their relationship goals, leading to a personalized therapy plan known as “Pathways” that integrates individual and partner needs.
  • Flexible session formats: Users can opt for weekly or bi-weekly video sessions with trained experts, lasting 15 to 20 minutes, and conducted individually or with their partner.
  • Additional resources: Ritual provides weekly videos with relationship tips, journal prompts, and exercises, along with a library of tools and resources accessible through the Ritual app.
  • Discounted membership: Users receive a 20% membership discount with the discount code “Therapy20”, making the service more affordable.

Use Cases:

  • Individuals and couples seeking convenient and schedule-friendly relationship therapy options.
  • Users looking for science-backed therapy methods to improve communication, intimacy, and conflict resolution in their relationships.
  • Those interested in accessing therapy from experienced professionals with expertise in relationship dynamics.


  • Relaxed session format: Ritual’s sessions are informal and typically last 20 minutes or less, offering flexibility for users to participate alone or with their partner.
  • Convenient assignments: Ritual provides bite-sized exercises and activities that take up to 10 minutes per day, allowing users to engage at their own pace.
  • Professional expertise: Most Ritual experts hold professional Ph.D. or M.S.W. titles, and users can request a new expert if needed.
  • Cancellation flexibility: Users can cancel their subscription at any time, and each Pathway follows an asynchronous schedule based on individual progress.


  • Not suitable for traditional therapy: Ritual’s sessions may not meet the expectations of users seeking traditional couples’ therapy due to their shorter duration and informal nature.
  • Moderate to high subscription rates: Subscription rates vary depending on individual or couples therapy options, and Ritual does not accept insurance at this time.

Customer Testimonials:

Ritual users express satisfaction with their relationship progress and appreciation for the connection with their assigned experts. One member mentions that the sessions have led to transformative conversations with their partner.

Ritual offers a convenient and personalized approach to online relationship therapy, with flexible session formats and professional expertise. While it may not suit those seeking traditional therapy, its relaxed sessions and science-backed methods make it an appealing option for individuals and couples looking to enhance their relationships.

Learn more: https://www.heyritual.com/