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Sesame revolutionizes access to healthcare by offering a dynamic marketplace where patients can connect with doctors and specialists, receive prescriptions or lab tests, and access various healthcare services regardless of location, income, or insurance status. Described as a “superstore for great doctors and specialists,” Sesame provides discounted care options by directly paying care providers. Whether you’re seeking mental health support, prescriptions, dentistry, or urgent care, Sesame’s comprehensive database ensures you find the services you need.

Key Features:

  • Wide range of services: From mental health support to dentistry and urgent care, Sesame offers an extensive array of healthcare services.
  • Flexible search options: Users can search for care based on location, care type, specialty, or symptom, ensuring easy navigation and tailored results.
  • Telehealth options: Sesame provides telehealth options, allowing users to access care remotely via video consultations.
  • Plus membership benefits: For a monthly fee, users can access additional benefits such as discounted rates for therapists and specialists, free lab or blood tests, and discounts on prescriptions.

Use Cases:

  • Individuals seeking affordable and accessible healthcare services without relying on insurance coverage.
  • Users looking for a user-friendly platform to search for and access various healthcare services, including mental health support and prescriptions.
  • Those interested in telehealth options for remote access to healthcare professionals.


  • Independent of insurance coverage: Sesame’s services are not dependent on insurance, offering a viable option for those without insurance or seeking discounted rates.
  • Easy navigation: Sesame’s website provides a user-friendly interface, making it easy to search for and access healthcare services.
  • Value-added Plus membership: The Plus membership offers good value for its monthly fee, providing access to discounted rates and additional benefits.


  • Limited insurance acceptance: Sesame does not accept health insurance, requiring users to pay out-of-pocket for services.
  • Regional availability: Sesame’s services may not be available in all regions, so users should check the website to ensure service availability in their area.

Customer Testimonials:

Users of Sesame appreciate the upfront pricing and affordability of services. One customer highlighted how knowing the upfront cost enabled them to afford their doctor’s visit.

Learn more: https://sesamecare.com/