Longenesis is a medical technology company that aims to provide a technological bridge between healthcare institutions and the biotech industry. Their goal is to identify and unlock the hidden value of biomedical data to accelerate the discovery of novel drugs and treatments and provide better help to those in need. Longenesis offers a digital platform for healthcare research and patient engagement, bringing together life science companies, data analytics companies, healthcare providers, and patients.

The company focuses on data discovery and patient-centric engagement while prioritizing privacy and ethics. They provide tools such as Longenesis Curator, a data discovery and management platform, and Longenesis Engage, a platform for patient engagement in clinical trials. These platforms leverage technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence to enable secure and efficient data sharing and analysis.

Longenesis aims to revolutionize the healthcare and life sciences industries by leveraging the power of biomedical data and advanced technologies and enabling secure and transparent management of biomedical data to drive innovation and improve patient outcomes.

Longenesis provides a decentralized infrastructure for data sharing, consent management, and data monetization, while ensuring privacy and security for patients and researchers. Longenesis allows individuals to have control over their own health data and decide how it is used for research purposes.

Let us look at Longenesis Curator and Longenesis Engage briefly.

Longenesis Curator

Longenesis Curator securely and efficiently connects researchers with clinical institutions and patient organizations to identify patient cohorts for upcoming studies. It simplifies data sharing for clinical studies by creating a cohesive and secure patient database. The platform allows researchers to search for specific biomedical data by different combinations of descriptive characteristics without revealing personal information.

Curator provides a unique approach to data sharing by showcasing available personalized datasets without compromising privacy. The actual data sets remain within the institution, but Curator notifies the data custodian when researchers or institutions are interested in contacting patients or using a particular dataset. This approach gives data controlling mechanisms to the data publishing institutions and the patients, ensuring privacy and compliance with data protection regulations.

It is important to note that Longenesis Curator goes beyond traditional data sharing methods in clinical studies. It addresses the challenges of data privacy and security while facilitating collaboration between researchers, clinical institutions, and patient organizations. By allowing researchers to search for specific biomedical data without revealing personal information, Curator ensures the privacy of patients and compliance with data protection regulations.

The platform has been particularly valuable in the context of COVID-19 research, where the need for real-time data sharing and collaboration has been crucial. Curator enables the safe sharing of COVID-19 datasets across multiple centers and facilitates international collaborations. This has accelerated the research process and contributed to the discovery of new insights and potential treatments for the disease.

In addition to COVID-19 research, Curator has been utilized in other areas such as metabolic disorders and oncology. It has already established and enabled collaborations between clinical institutions, patient organizations, biobanks, genomic sequencers, and digital health startups in various regions, including the United States, South Korea, Northern and Central Europe, and the Middle East.

By facilitating safe sharing of research resources and enabling collaboration across distributed datasets, Curator plays a crucial role in accelerating biomedical research and discovery.

By enabling advanced data curation and annotation, Longenesis Curator has proved to be a powerful tool that empowers researchers and institutions to unlock the hidden value of biomedical data while ensuring privacy and compliance. It leverages advances in AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze and annotate medical data, such as medical images and clinical records. Longenesis Curator helps researchers and healthcare professionals in efficiently organizing and extracting valuable insights from large volumes of medical data, ultimately accelerating research and improving patient care.

Longenesis Engage

Longenesis Engage is a platform developed by Longenesis that focuses on participant engagement in research studies. It aims to create a transparent, positive, and effective study experience for participants with technical support from the Longenesis team.

Key features of Longenesis Engage include:

Dynamic Consent Management: Engage allows researchers to deliver dynamic consent management, enabling participants to provide informed consent and make choices about their involvement in the study. This feature ensures that participants have control over their data and understand how it will be used.

Study Activities: Engage enables researchers to conduct various study activities, such as surveys and data collection, within the platform. This streamlines the process of gathering participant data and allows for efficient study management.

Participant Analysis: Engage provides tools for analyzing participant data, allowing researchers to gain insights and monitor the progress of the study. This feature helps researchers track participant engagement and make data-driven decisions.

Transparent Monitoring: Engage offers transparent monitoring capabilities, allowing researchers to track participant interactions and engagement with the study. This helps ensure compliance and provides a comprehensive view of participant involvement.

With these key features, Longenesis Engage offers several benefits and integration options for researchers and organizations including:

Improved Participant Onboarding: Longenesis Engage simplifies the process of onboarding new participants into research studies. With a single click, participants can join the study through a research organization link, making the onboarding process more efficient.

Enhanced Participant Engagement: The platform is designed to promote participant engagement throughout the study. By providing a user-friendly interface and interactive features, Longenesis Engage aims to keep participants actively involved and motivated to contribute to the research.

Customizable Study Activities: Researchers can customize and conduct various study activities within Longenesis Engage. This includes surveys, data collection forms, and other interactive elements that can be tailored to the specific requirements of the study.

Integration Options: Longenesis Engage offers secure integration options with other web applications. Researchers can integrate participant engagement activities into their own web applications using IFrames, ensuring a seamless experience for participants.

Technical Support: Longenesis Engage provides technical support to researchers and participants throughout the study. The Longenesis team is available to assist with any technical issues or questions that may arise, ensuring a smooth and positive study experience.

Longenesis Engage aims to improve participant engagement in research studies by providing a user-friendly and secure platform for participants to interact with researchers and contribute to the study. It simplifies the process of obtaining informed consent, conducting study activities, and analyzing participant data.

Longenesis Engage addresses some of the major challenges of participant engagement in research studies by providing a comprehensive platform that streamlines study activities, enhances participant involvement, and ensures transparency and data security.

By providing a participant engagement platform designed to enhance participant involvement in research studies, Longenesis Engage makes it easier for participants to join studies, complete surveys, and interact with researchers. Longenesis Engage improves participant onboarding, engagement, and retention by offering customizable study activities and integration options with other web applications. It also provides technical support to ensure a smooth study experience for both researchers and participants.

Other solutions from Longenesis include:

Longenesis Themis: A dynamic consent management toolkit solving the legal challenge of legitimate biomedical data utilization for clinical studies, allowing patients to be proactively involved in the clinical and research projects and providing transparency and auditability mechanisms, putting patients as a centric stakeholder of such process.

Longenesis Proteus: Allows any clinical and research institution, patients association, biobank, and MedTech company to join the network and get connected with Clinical Research organizations and Pharma companies for proactive patient involvement.

Final Thoughts

Making data available for healthcare innovations like drug discovery and development contributes in many ways to making healthcare more affordable and improving the quality of healthcare available. In a special way it helps in the development of more personalized and potent healthcare products and services.

Overall, Longenesis is well-equipped to actively help address some of the pressing patient needs around the world. Longenesis and its associated platforms, Longenesis Curator and Longenesis Engage have enabled several studies around the world, offering innovative solutions for data management, curation, and participant engagement in the healthcare and life sciences industries for more patient-centric care.


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