Tempus proudly claims its position as the world’s largest repository of both clinical and molecular data, specifically geared towards advancing digital healthcare. Focused primarily on cancer research, Tempus serves as the leading tool for storing, retrieving, and utilizing data in the fight against life-threatening diseases. With an advanced operating system and an extensive digital library, Tempus represents a pivotal player bridging the gap between data processing innovations and the critical need for advanced healthcare solutions.


World’s Largest Data Repository: Tempus boasts the world’s largest library of clinical and molecular data, forming the foundation for groundbreaking work in precision medicine. This extensive repository accelerates the discovery of novel targets, predicts treatment effectiveness, identifies clinical trials, and facilitates early disease diagnosis.

Tempus One: AI-Enabled Clinical Assistant: Tempus One stands out as an AI-enabled clinical assistant leveraging generative AI. This innovation provides clinicians with direct access to patient insights, empowering informed treatment decisions. Tempus One revolutionizes the approach to patient care by harnessing the power of AI.

Support for Clinicians in Treatment Decisions: Recognizing the challenges faced by clinicians, Tempus supports physicians in making informed treatment decisions. By analyzing patient data and providing insights based on patterns and trends, Tempus’s AI technology helps tailor treatment plans to individual patients, leading to more personalized and effective care.

Empowering Life Scientists in Drug Development: Tempus collaborates with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to enhance drug development processes. Leveraging data and AI capabilities, Tempus aids in identifying potential drug targets and optimizing drug development strategies, accelerating the discovery of life-saving therapies.

Transforming Personalized Patient Care: Tempus accelerates and transforms personalized patient care through scientific publications and research projects. Combining molecular profiling with clinical data, Tempus outperforms traditional DNA panel testing, leading to increased personalized therapeutic opportunities and improved treatment options for patients.

Collaboration and Partnerships: Tempus emphasizes collaboration and partnerships to advance precision medicine. Connections with academic medical centers, oncologists, and top pharma oncology companies create a collaborative ecosystem driving innovation and improving patient outcomes.

Use Cases

  1. For Clinicians:
    • Tempus One aids clinicians in making informed treatment decisions by providing direct access to patient insights.
    • The AI-enabled clinical assistant streamlines the diagnosis and treatment planning process.
  2. For Life Scientists:
    • Tempus supports life scientists in drug development by identifying potential drug targets and optimizing strategies.
    • Collaboration with pharmaceutical companies accelerates the discovery of new therapies.
  3. For Patient Care:
    • Tempus transforms personalized patient care by analyzing genetic mutations and matching patients with suitable clinical trials.
    • Molecular profiling and data analysis enhance treatment options for patients with life-threatening diseases.

Tempus stands at the forefront of precision medicine, leveraging the power of data and artificial intelligence. With innovative features like Tempus One, collaborations driving drug development, and a commitment to transforming personalized patient care, Tempus is shaping the future of healthcare. As a beacon of innovation, Tempus combines data, AI, and expertise to improve patient outcomes, making precision medicine a norm in the evolving healthcare landscape. The FDA’s approval of Tempus’s companion diagnostic test, xT CDx, further solidifies its position as a leader in artificial intelligence and precision medicine, contributing to the advancement of healthcare solutions. Tempus is not just a tool; it’s a transformative force in the quest for enhanced patient care and medical advancements.