Welcome to ProudP, the revolutionary mobile application designed to prioritize men’s prostate and urinary health. ProudP is classified as an FDA Class II medical device, ensuring its credibility and reliability in the healthcare sector. With a focus on monitoring and delivering health information accurately, ProudP stands out for its unparalleled precision, boasting an impressive 98% clinical accuracy in delivering readings.

Key Features

  1. Uroflowmetry Mobile Application:
    • ProudP falls under the FDA Class II uroflowmetry mobile application category.
    • It allows patients to remotely monitor urine flow, providing real-time updates to urologists when patients consent to share data.
    • Proprietary algorithms and the mobile phone’s microphone are used for urine flow analysis.
  2. Clinical Surveys:
    • ProudP offers clinical, quantitative surveys that take only 3 minutes for patients to evaluate their symptoms.
    • Detailed insights into the rate of urine flow, time taken to urinate, volume of urine, and urination patterns are provided.
  3. Doctor Dashboard:
    • Urologists can stay updated on patients’ latest health information through the dashboard and receive regular alerts.
    • The dashboard provides deep insights for better treatment plans and visualizing treatment efficacy.

Benefits for Urologists

  1. Improved Decision-Making:
    • Urologists can make more informed decisions with prompt and early treatment interventions based on dynamic data sets.
    • Multiple uroflow data collected from home facilitates faster and better treatment decisions.
  2. Expectation Management:
    • Patient-generated clinical data helps in managing expectations, leading to better treatment adherence.
    • Visualization of pre-op and post-op treatment efficacy helps align expectations.
  3. Research Opportunities:
    • ProudP’s multi-measure dynamic data sets open avenues for endless research possibilities.
    • Real-world data generation supports research studies on treatment efficacy and patient outcomes.

Clinical Metrics Recorded by ProudP

  1. Voided Volume
  2. Maximum Flow Rate
  3. Average Flow Rate
  4. Voiding Time

These metrics serve as initial indicators of prostate and bladder health.

Digital Navigator for BPH Patients

  1. Initial Awareness:
    • Proactive monitoring increases awareness of early symptom onset.
    • Objective symptom assessment enables early visits and diagnosis for better treatment outcomes.
  2. Medication Round:
    • Tracking medication effects and recovery progress with objective symptom measures.
    • Qualifying candidates for surgical procedures and managing expectations.
  3. Surgical Procedure:
    • Pre/post-op monitoring for objective data to predict and qualify treatment responders.
    • Shared decision-making with doctors based on secure real-world evidence.

Why Choose ProudP

  • Clinical Accuracy above 97%
  • FDA Class II Medical Device
  • Urologist-Endorsed
  • HIPAA Compliant

How ProudP Works

  • Personal Prostate Health Monitor
  • Private Monitoring in Your Own Bathroom
  • Self-care with Bladder Diary & Trends
  • Share Results with Doctor

Serving over 13,000 patients and doctors to date, ProudP has received great reviews. Users express satisfaction in understanding their baseline health conditions for clearer assessments.

Transform your approach to men’s prostate and urinary health with ProudP. Take charge of your health today!

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