Feeling Stressed and Sleepless? Take Back Control with Aura (25% Off Special Offer for Medneed Users!)

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by daily stress? Does a good night’s sleep seem like a distant dream? You’re not alone. Millions of people struggle with mental well-being, but here’s a powerful tool to help you find peace: Aura, the all-in-one personalized wellness app.

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Aura is a wellness app designed to facilitate mindfulness practices, enhance emotional well-being, support healthier sleep, and promote mental wellness.

Accessible via website, iOS, and Android, Aura is hailed as the “Spotify for Mental Health & Wellness,” offering users the world’s largest premium library comprising thousands of mindfulness meditations, stories, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), hypnosis, and coaching tracks curated by top coaches globally.

With Aura, users can cultivate peace throughout the day through audio guidance spanning stress and anxiety management, sleep improvement, focus enhancement, and inspiration. As users engage with Aura, the experience becomes increasingly personalized, with the app learning and adapting to individual preferences. With Aura, you can:

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety: Personalized meditations and exercises help you manage daily pressures and find inner calm.
  • Sleep Soundly: Drift off to sleep naturally with guided meditations, sleep stories, and calming soundscapes.
  • Boost Overall Well-being: Improve focus, cultivate gratitude, and build resilience with life coaching and CBT techniques.

Why Aura is Different:

  • Access the world’s largest premium wellness library featuring thousands of meditations, stories, and life coaching sessions from renowned mindfulness coaches and therapists worldwide.
  • Choose from hundreds of top coaches, therapists, and storytellers, ensuring a diverse range of perspectives and teachings to suit individual preferences.
  • Improve sleep quality with specialized meditations, sleep tales, and soothing sounds, with 98% of users reporting positive effects on insomnia.
  • Combat stress and anxiety effectively with on-demand support from Aura, fostering positivity and well-being.
  • Join a passionate community of 5 million users worldwide who have found solace and support in Aura.
  • Immerse yourself in nature and relaxation with a variety of ambient sounds, from thunderstorms to forest ambiance.
  • Seamlessly integrate with Apple Health to track mindful minutes and monitor progress.

Key Features:

Explore the diverse array of tracks available on Aura:

  • Meditation: Train your mind to focus and increase awareness on specific activities, thoughts, objects, or bodily sensations.
  • Hypnosis: Induce deep physical and mental relaxation to attain clarity and calmness.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Reshape negative thought patterns through therapeutic practices.
  • Breathwork: Engage in breathing exercises designed to alleviate stress and promote relaxation.
  • Short Stories: Unwind, stimulate creativity, or find inspiration through engaging narratives.
  • Motivational Tracks: Set goals, boost confidence, and practice gratitude with guidance from life coaches.

How Aura Works:

  1. Share your unique needs and interests with Aura.
  2. Aura utilizes billions of data points and cutting-edge personalization algorithms to understand user preferences.
  3. Receive personalized recommendations from a vast selection of tracks spanning meditation, CBT, stories, life coaching, hypnosis, and more.
  4. Curate your personal playlist, discover favorite coaches, and tailor Aura to your liking as it continues to learn and adapt to your preferences.
  5. Enjoy daily new content and explore additional categories like CBT and hypnosis for continual growth and exploration.


Aura offers a limited free version with one new 3-minute session available every two hours on the mobile app.

Users have the option to upgrade to a Premium subscription, granting unlimited access to all meditations, life coaching, stories, music, hypnosis, offline capabilities, and more. Premium subscription plans include:

  • Annual Plan: US$ 69.99 with a 7-day free trial
  • Monthly Plan: US$ 11.99
  • Lifetime Plan: US$ 399.99
  • Family Plan: US$ 119.99 (allows multiple members in one subscription)

In Summary

Premium gives unlimited access to mindfulness meditations, stories, CBT, hypnosis, and coaching tracks created by the top coaches around the world. You will also have download access to play tracks offline and other app features.

To down a track, while on the track player, tap the three dots (found on the lower right of the screen) then select Download. To access your downloaded tracks, go to Me > under Library, select Downloaded Tracks.

Standard trial period is 7 days all premium plans except monthly plan which has no trial period. 

You can give the gift of Aura. From starting their day with gratitude and clarity, to better sleep, relaxation, and mindfulness, Aura is the perfect gift for all friends and family.

Aura is now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Korean, and Japanese. You can change your language settings by heading to ‘Me’ tab > Menu (top right corner) > Display Language.

With Aura, you can transform your wellbeing and sleep with the world’s most personalized, all-in-one app for mental wellness for you and your family and friends.

And the more you use the app, the better your recommendations will become to better guide you at any point of the day.

Overall, you gain personalized recommendations, get daily notifications to remind you to meditate, have tracks varying in length with a good mix of both short and long meditations, have access to thousands of sessions to choose from for every aspect of your day and life, while enjoying a visually appealing interface and calming user experience.

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Start your free trial today and experience the power of personalized wellness.