Ceribell offers an innovative AI-powered neurodiagnostic platform designed to revolutionize the management of seizures in acute care settings. Their system provides rapid access to accurate diagnostic information and continuous monitoring at the bedside, enabling precise patient care and hospital-wide efficiencies.

Key Features:

  1. Point-of-Care EEG: The Ceribell EEG System enables rapid EEG setup within minutes with minimal training, allowing for continuous AI monitoring and alerts at the bedside for status epilepticus.
  2. ClarityPro™ AI Algorithm: This advanced algorithm interprets EEG signals in real-time, providing instantaneous bedside alerts diagnosing electrographic status epilepticus and continuous EEG monitoring with seizure burden display.
  3. EEG Portal: The Ceribell EEG Portal offers real-time streaming of EEG data to a secure cloud portal, allowing physicians to review EEG data remotely. It provides accurate EEG labeling throughout the recording and the first FDA-cleared seizure burden trend for effective seizure management.


  • Improved Diagnostic Confidence: Ceribell’s platform offers 2x greater diagnostic confidence and has been clinically proven to detect or rule out status epilepticus with high accuracy.
  • Efficient Monitoring and Management: With rapid EEG setup and continuous monitoring, Ceribell enables timely treatment decisions and medication optimization, reducing empirical treatment and improving patient outcomes.
  • Cost-Efficiency: By streamlining EEG diagnostics and monitoring, Ceribell helps hospitals utilize resources more efficiently, potentially reducing unnecessary transfers and bottom-line costs.

Clinical Evidence: Ceribell’s performance has been validated in clinical studies, demonstrating its technical performance, clinical impact, workflow efficiency, and economic benefit. The platform has been shown to lead to a 40% change in critical care clinical treatment plans and expedited disposition from the emergency department in a significant percentage of patients.

Overall, Ceribell’s AI-powered neurodiagnostic platform represents a significant advancement in the field of seizure management, offering rapid, accurate, and efficient EEG monitoring and diagnosis at the bedside. With its innovative features and proven clinical benefits, Ceribell is poised to make a meaningful impact on patient care and hospital operations in acute care settings.