Oatmeal Health emerges as a pioneering force in AI-enabled cancer screening, with a primary focus on lung cancer detection. Targeting diverse stakeholders, including FQHCs, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, employers, imaging centers, and unions, Oatmeal Health aims to revolutionize cancer care by leveraging advanced technology to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.


  1. AI-Powered Clinical Care Coordination:
    • Proactively identifies and screens patients for lung cancer annually.
    • Addresses staffing shortages and enhances UDS quality metrics for FQHCs.
    • Standardized screening programs ensure adherence to evolving cancer guidelines.
  2. Comprehensive Case Management:
    • Manages critical aspects of screening, from early identification to AI interpretation of lung nodules.
    • Provides all-inclusive care coordination, education, and outreach, reducing the burden on healthcare staff.
  3. Data-Driven Reporting Metrics:
    • Elevates NPS, UDS, HEDIS, and 330 grant program metrics.
    • Empowers FQHCs to track and improve their lung cancer screening performance.
  4. Strategic Partnerships:
    • Collaborates with various entities, expanding cancer screening services to different regions.
    • Partnerships with El Rio Health, Stigler Health & Wellness Center, The Clinic in Oklahoma, Seward FQHC, Illinois Primary Healthcare Association, and Lowell Community Health Center showcase a commitment to nationwide impact.
  5. Patient Success Service:
    • Integrates AI-Enabled Radiology and Comprehensive Patient Relationship Management.
    • Offers end-to-end, evidence-based, collaborative care for image-based lung cancer screening services at scale.
  6. Inclusive Provider Network:
    • Serves as an in-network provider for health plans, ensuring widespread accessibility.
    • Coordinates care with existing providers, including primary care and health systems.

Use Cases

  1. For FQHCs:
    • Provides no-cost, end-to-end lung cancer screening, addressing the low screening rate among eligible underserved Americans.
    • Aims to bridge the gap in early-stage detection, crucial for improving survivability and reducing healthcare costs.
  2. For Health Plans:
    • Identifies high-risk patients early, offering value-based pricing and ensuring a $200M ROI for every 10K patients over 10 years.
    • Emphasizes the need for proactive interventions in a context where less than 5% of eligible underserved Americans receive annual screenings.
  3. For Pharmaceutical Companies:
    • Facilitates clinical trial patient matching, focusing on underrepresented populations.
    • Collaborates with Community Health Centers and health plans to improve patient identification for trials or FDA approval.
  4. For Employers:
    • Aids self-insured employers in identifying high-risk employees early, reducing insurance spending and risk.
    • Enhances employee health and productivity while minimizing the cost of care through early detection.
  5. For Imaging Centers / Health Systems:
    • Partnerships with Oatmeal Health increase scan volume, revenue, and reduce CT scanner downtime.
    • Provides a valuable opportunity for additional revenue generation by filling appointment slots.
  6. For Unions:
    • Offers no-cost lung cancer screenings for union members, contributing to a healthier workforce.
    • Simplifies the screening process, reducing the cost of care, and improving outcomes for union members.

Oatmeal Health’s innovative approach to AI-enabled cancer screening promises transformative outcomes across diverse sectors. By addressing the critical need for early detection, streamlining screening logistics, and fostering strategic collaborations, Oatmeal Health emerges as a key player in advancing health equity and revolutionizing cancer care. The integration of cutting-edge technology, strategic partnerships, and a patient-centric focus positions Oatmeal Health at the forefront of improving survivability, reducing healthcare costs, and ensuring accessibility to high-quality cancer screening services.