Lunit, a public company dedicated to conquering cancer, introduces two cutting-edge AI-based healthcare solutions: Lunit INSIGHT and Lunit SCOPE. Specializing in medical AI software, Lunit focuses on early cancer detection and treatment, recognizing the pivotal role early diagnosis plays in determining survival rates. With remarkable accuracy ranging from 97-99%, Lunit INSIGHT identifies abnormal radiological results in chest x-rays, often imperceptible to the human eye. Additionally, Lunit SCOPE leverages AI to predict treatment responses, empowering doctors to make informed decisions about patient care. These AI tools mark a significant advancement in the fight against cancer.


  1. Lunit INSIGHT:
    • Targets abnormal radiological findings in chest x-rays with an impressive accuracy range of 97-99%.
    • Unveils abnormalities invisible to the human eye, enhancing early cancer detection.
  2. Lunit SCOPE:
    • Utilizes AI to predict treatment responses, aiding doctors in making well-informed decisions regarding patient care.
    • Advances cancer treatment by enhancing the efficacy of immunotherapy through accurate biomarker prediction.

Use Cases

  1. Early Cancer Detection:
    • Lunit INSIGHT significantly aids doctors in detecting early-stage cancers through its high-accuracy identification of abnormal radiological results.
    • Timely management based on AI insights increases the chances of patient survival.
  2. Immunotherapy Efficacy:
    • Lunit SCOPE contributes to increased immunotherapy efficacy by accurately predicting treatment responses through AI biomarker analysis.
    • Enables personalized and effective cancer treatment strategies.


Positive feedback from users and customers, showcasing the practical implementation of Lunit AI in day-to-day medical practices.

Acknowledgments from industry professionals and organizations for Lunit’s impactful role in cancer care.

Publications and Recognition:

Lunit’s AI solutions have been recognized globally, featuring in 200+ studies and abstracts, and earning distinctions such as being named one of the ‘Digital Health 150’ by CB Insights for three consecutive years.

Recent Developments

Lunit INSIGHT CXR demonstrates exceptional performance in lung nodule detection, as evidenced by a head-to-head study published in Radiology (Jan 17, 2024).

  • Lunit AI solutions are set to power Samsung’s X-ray devices for advanced chest screening (Jan 16, 2024).
  • Lunit’s strategic move to acquire Volpara, signifying continued growth and expansion in the healthcare AI sector (Dec 14, 2023).

Lunit’s AI-based healthcare solutions, Lunit INSIGHT and Lunit SCOPE, represent a significant leap forward in the realm of cancer detection and treatment. With their high accuracy in early cancer detection and predicting treatment responses, these tools contribute substantially to improving patient outcomes. The positive reception from users, global recognition, and strategic partnerships underscore Lunit’s commitment to advancing precision oncology and revolutionizing cancer care through the power of AI.