Hippocratic AI stands at the forefront of safety-focused Language Models (LLMs) in healthcare, introducing the state-of-the-art (SOTA) model, Hippocratic. Outperforming GPT-4 in an impressive 105 out of 114 healthcare exams and certifications, Hippocratic AI has demonstrated its commitment to safety, efficacy, and advancing healthcare outcomes.

Key Achievements

  • Performance Superiority: Outperformed GPT-4 by significant margins across 105 certifications, excelling by 5% or more in 74 instances and 10% or more in 43 certifications.
  • Safety Concerns Addressed: Acknowledging the potential risks associated with LLMs in clinical diagnosis, Hippocratic AI prioritizes safety and focuses on diverse healthcare applications to enhance access, equity, and overall outcomes.

Approach to Safety

  • Evidence-based Pre-training: Distinguishing itself from common LLMs, Hippocratic AI invests in pre-training on trusted, evidence-based healthcare content, avoiding misinformation prevalent on the internet.
  • Human Feedback Reinforcement Learning (RLHF-HP): The unique RLHF-HP process involves partnering with healthcare professionals to validate the model’s readiness for deployment. The model will only be released when a substantial number of licensed professionals deem it safe.

Compassion and Bedside Manner

  • Objective Evaluation System: Recognizing the impact of bedside manner on emotional well-being and health outcomes, Hippocratic AI is committed to developing an objective evaluation system. This system aims to ensure that healthcare-focused LLMs exhibit compassion and care.

Health General Intelligence (HGI) Vision

  • Team of Experts: Comprising a diverse team of physicians, hospital administrators, payor experts, and AI researchers from esteemed institutions such as El Camino Health System, Johns Hopkins Hospital, and Google, Hippocratic AI combines medical expertise with technological innovation.
  • Addressing Workforce Shortages: Acknowledging the global shortage of healthcare workers, Hippocratic AI believes that LLMs are the scalable solution to bridge this gap, with the incremental cost of healthcare access and interventions trending towards zero.

Ethical Foundation

  • Inspired by Hippocratic Oath: The company’s name, inspired by the Hippocratic Oath, reflects its commitment to “first, do no harm.” Upholding a code of ethics and evidence-based practice, Hippocratic AI ensures patient-centricity and safety.

Future Outlook

Health General Intelligence (HGI): The company envisions a future where HGI, coupled with the safest artificial intelligence, brings healthcare to every home. This approach aims to enhance healthcare access, increase scalability, and foster a more equitable system of care.

In summary, Hippocratic AI emerges as a beacon in the healthcare AI landscape, prioritizing safety, compassion, and ethical practice. With a team of experts and a vision for a more accessible and equitable healthcare system, the company is poised to contribute significantly to the intersection of AI and healthcare.