In the evolving landscape of mental health therapy, Upheal stands out as an innovative AI tool tailored for mental health professionals. Addressing the time-consuming task of progress notes, Upheal revolutionizes therapists’ practices, enabling them to generate precise notes efficiently. This AI-driven platform enhances the quality of therapy sessions by capturing crucial details and offering valuable insights, ultimately allowing therapists to focus more on their clients.


Automated Progress Notes:

Upheal eliminates the tedious process of manual note-taking, offering therapists a remarkable time-saving solution. With up to 90% reduced note-taking time, therapists can redirect their efforts toward providing enhanced client care.

Session Analytics:

Delving into the dynamics of therapy sessions, Upheal provides comprehensive analytics. Analyzing speech cadence, talking ratios, moments of silence, sentiment, and tense, therapists gain insights that enrich their therapeutic approach and understanding of clients.

HIPAA Compliance:

Security is paramount in mental health, and Upheal ensures the highest level of data protection. Fully compliant with HIPAA regulations, the platform offers end-to-end encrypted video calls, secure consent collection, and personal data activity tracking in an audit log.

Integration Capabilities:

Seamless integration is a hallmark of Upheal, adapting to therapists’ existing workflows. Whether conducting in-person sessions, Zoom calls, or using other EHR systems, this platform enhances convenience and efficiency.

Treatment Plans:

Upheal facilitates the effortless creation of client treatment plans. From generating SMART goals and objectives to evaluating progress, implementing interventions, accessing resources, and evaluating outcomes, therapists can manage treatment plans with ease.

Use Cases:

Upheal is designed for mental health professionals seeking to simplify and enrich their practices. It caters to therapists conducting in-person sessions, virtual sessions via Zoom, or those utilizing other EHR systems. The platform’s versatility makes it a comprehensive solution for therapists, offering features like client management, team reporting, training, supervision, consent collection, and privacy policies.


Upheal redefines the experience of clinical notes and documentation in the mental health field. Therapists can complete their notes with the assurance that they are not just saving time but also enhancing the quality of their therapy sessions. The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures seamless integration into therapists’ daily workflows, promoting convenience and efficiency.

In conclusion, Upheal emerges as a transformative force in mental health therapy, providing an efficient and comprehensive solution for therapists. Its automated progress notes, session analytics, HIPAA compliance, integration capabilities, and treatment plan features collectively contribute to a platform that elevates the therapist’s experience and ultimately enhances the quality of care provided to clients.