In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, Freed emerges as a beacon of innovation, reshaping medical documentation for clinicians. This AI tool uniquely positions itself to alleviate the administrative burden, allowing clinicians to dedicate more time to providing exceptional patient care. Freed’s AI technology, going beyond mere transcription, extracts, summarizes, and structures medically relevant information, mimicking a human scribe without the need for extensive training.


After Visit Summaries in Your Style: Freed delivers accurate After Visit Summaries tailored to your unique writing style. These summaries, instantly available after patient visits, enhance communication between clinicians and patients, fostering a more personalized approach to care.

SOAP Notes Based on Medical Guidelines: Freed excels in generating SOAP notes that adhere to medical guidelines and best practice templates. Precision and compliance with industry standards are paramount, ensuring comprehensive and regulated documentation.

Self-Learning AI (Coming Soon): A standout feature of Freed is its self-learning AI, evolving with each interaction to adapt to your preferences, format, and templates. This adaptive capability transforms Freed into an extension of your voice, enhancing efficiency and personalization in documentation.

Effortless Transcribing: Transcribing patient visits is streamlined with Freed, eliminating the time-consuming burden and allowing clinicians to redirect their energy towards providing the best possible care to their patients.

Streamlined EHR Integration: Freed simplifies the integration of documentation into Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. With a single click, clinicians can review, edit, and copy notes, ensuring a seamless workflow and efficient documentation process.

Use Cases:

Freed caters to clinicians seeking a transformative approach to medical documentation. Its adaptive self-learning AI, SOAP notes generation, and streamlined EHR integration make it an invaluable tool for enhancing efficiency and personalization in various healthcare settings.


Freed represents the future of medical documentation, where technology seamlessly merges with human expertise. Clinicians can “Free” themselves from documentation woes, experiencing the transformative power of AI in medical documentation. One minor flaw, occasional slow loading times in the interface when handling large volumes of data, does not overshadow the platform’s overall capabilities.

Freed offers a pathway to excellence in healthcare documentation. Its combination of innovative features, personalized summaries, adherence to medical guidelines, and self-learning capabilities positions it as a valuable ally for clinicians aiming to excel in their mission of providing exceptional healthcare.