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Lyra Health is a pioneering mental health and wellness platform that partners with self-insured employers to deliver comprehensive mental health benefits to employees. Their healthcare model integrates advanced technology with a vast network of providers, offering a range of mental health services tailored to individual needs.

Key Features:

  • Therapy: Lyra’s provider network offers evidence-based therapies (EBT), including in-person sessions, live video sessions, or even onsite appointments at the employer’s offices. With one million members nationwide, 97% have access to an in-person Lyra provider within 20 miles.
  • Coaching: Short-term support for milder mental health issues such as relationships or stress, provided via live video or messaging.
  • Guided Self-Care: Tailored multi-week care plans, including self-led video lessons, following a coaching consultation.
  • Medication: Lyra physicians can prescribe medication to complement treatment for conditions like depression or bipolar disorder.
  • Mental Wellness Tools: Unlimited access to mental health apps like Calm, enhancing member support.

Use Cases:

Lyra’s platform caters to diverse mental health needs, offering support for individuals, couples, families, and even children. From stress management to addressing severe mental health conditions, Lyra ensures comprehensive care options for all.

How it Works:

Members access Lyra’s online platform to receive personalized recommendations for providers and treatments based on their symptoms and lifestyle. They can book appointments conveniently online and access a wide range of mental health services.

Lyra Health stands out as a transformative solution for workforce mental health. By leveraging advanced technology and a vast provider network, Lyra offers personalized care options that cater to diverse needs. The platform’s effectiveness is evidenced by significant improvements in employee turnover, institutional claims, health plan therapy, and prescription claims. With a track record of delivering life-changing results and endorsements from influential investors like Oprah Winfrey, Lyra Health emerges as a beacon of hope in the realm of mental health and wellness. Employers seeking to prioritize the mental well-being of their workforce can confidently turn to Lyra Health for transformative care and tangible business value

Learn more: https://www.lyrahealth.com/methodology/