MediNav is a cutting-edge medical assistant software designed to transform the way doctors handle patient documentation. With an intuitive interface and advanced features, it significantly reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care.

Key Features

  1. Efficient Documentation: Unlike traditional medical dictation software, MediNav is an intelligent assistant powered by a complex algorithm. It not only transcribes but also remembers and extracts medical information, continuously learning and improving.
  2. Cost-Efficient: By automating documentation tasks, MediNav reduces the need for additional personnel or typists, resulting in lower operational costs for clinics and hospitals.
  3. Time Optimization: Doctors benefit from more time dedicated to patient care, leading to either more patients attended to or extended quality time per patient.
  4. Faster Results: The software ensures quicker delivery of results, contributing to increased patient satisfaction.

How MediNav Works

  1. Voice Commands: The assistant listens to the doctor during a consultation. The doctor can easily activate or deactivate the assistant with a simple voice command on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  2. Transcription: The spoken words are transcribed into a text format, appearing on the consultation page of the web app. This transcript can be viewed and edited on various devices.
  3. Form Pre-population: For consultations with multiple fields, such as ultrasounds, MediNav intelligently extracts and pre-fills relevant information, streamlining the documentation process.
  4. Review and Correction: The doctor or a MediNav employee reviews, corrects, and saves the consultation, allowing the assistant to learn from its mistakes and continuously improve.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Continuous Learning: The AI assistant evolves through continuous learning from its mistakes, supported by a dedicated medical team that ensures 100% accuracy.
  • No Special Hardware: MediNav seamlessly integrates with laptops, tablets, and smartphones, eliminating the need for additional specialized hardware.

Security & Compliance

  • GDPR Compliance: Prioritizing security, MediNav adheres to GDPR standards, implementing user layering, authentication, and federated learning.
  • Enhanced Customization: Users, specialties, and clinical levels can enjoy customized expressions and templates tailored to their unique requirements.

MediNav for Doctors: For doctors who prioritize efficiency and quality in their work, MediNav offers a 14-day free trial across various medical specialties, including Radiology, Ultrasonography, and Anatomopathology.

MediNav for Clinics and Hospitals: Clinics and hospitals can book a demo to explore the benefits of integrating MediNav’s virtual assistant into their operations, enhancing efficiency across various medical fields.

MediNav represents a leap forward in medical documentation technology, driven by a commitment to improving healthcare processes. By combining artificial intelligence, user-friendly interfaces, and continuous learning, MediNav stands as a powerful tool in the hands of healthcare professionals. Experience the future of medical documentation with a 14-day free trial or book a demo with a dedicated MediNav specialist. Unleash the true potential of your medical services with MediNav.