Sohar Health stands as a revolutionary SaaS platform designed for behavioral health companies, offering a seamless API-based solution. With a commitment to streamlining processes, Sohar Health provides 99% accurate eligibility verification and employs AI-powered medical coding. This transformative approach automates manual workflows, enhances patient intake, and ultimately generates more revenue for behavioral health practitioners.

Behavioral health companies investing in costly integrations and manual coding efforts can now harness the power of Sohar Health. Our API-based platform simplifies insurance eligibility verification and introduces AI-driven medical coding, automating workflows, boosting patient intake, and maximizing revenue potential.

The Problem

Behavioral health companies face a critical challenge in improving coding accuracy for insurance claims, as 85% of denied claims (worth $40 billion) are preventable. Complex integrations within the healthcare IT ecosystem are costly, time-consuming, and divert crucial engineering resources. Delaying or avoiding these integrations results in revenue loss and increased manual efforts for coding teams, creating a substantial barrier in a rapidly growing industry valued at $280 billion in 2020.

The Solution

Sohar Health, akin to industry pioneers Stripe and Plaid, empowers developers with direct integrations to payers. Our API-based platform offers targeted insurance eligibility verification and AI-powered medical coding. Behavioral health companies leveraging our services can:

  • Unlock up to 20% additional revenue through enhanced coding accuracy and reduced claim denials.
  • Increase their eligible patient population.
  • Reduce the time spent on manual operations by coding teams.


  • Eligibility Verification: Achieve 99% accuracy in verifying insurance eligibility for behavioral health reimbursements.
  • Automated Coding: AI-powered medical coding to reduce manual efforts and enhance accuracy.
  • Integrated Workflow: Seamless integration with EHR/Practice Management Solutions to synchronize patient rosters.
  • Developer-Friendly: Powerful, easy-to-use APIs for faster development, supported by comprehensive documentation and technical assistance.

Use Cases

  • Increase Revenue: Unlock additional revenue through accurate coding and reduced claim denials.
  • Focus Resources: Reduce manual operations to allow teams to deliver best-in-class outcomes at scale.
  • Patient Intake: Automatically verify eligibility during patient intake to boost conversion rates.

Trusted by Leading Providers

Sohar Health is trusted by leading behavioral health providers, including Arise Health, The Paak, 2020INC, and Ephicient.

Sohar Health offers behavioral health companies a game-changing solution, freeing them from operational complexities and unlocking their true potential. With targeted eligibility verification and AI-powered medical coding, Sohar Health is at the forefront of connected healthcare, revolutionizing digital health services. Visit our website to discover how Sohar Health can help unburden, untangle, and unleash the true potential of your behavioral health services.