Rayscape, founded in 2018, pioneers the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into healthcare. Focused on revolutionizing radiology, Rayscape’s mission is to empower radiologists with AI tools for in-depth image analysis, aiming to enhance diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes.


Rayscape CXR:

  • Pathology Detection: AI-powered software detects over 148 pathologies on chest X-rays, providing unparalleled accuracy.
  • Additional Visualizations: Generates supplemental visualizations to aid in-depth analysis.
  • Seamless Integration: Plug & Scan integration with existing infrastructure, offering customizable, easy installation.
  • Smart Reports: Tailored reports for streamlined workflows, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Leading Dataset: Built on a dataset of 42 million medical images for optimal accuracy and continuous improvement.

Rayscape Lung CT:

  • Nodule Detection: Accurately identifies, measures, and tracks lung nodules on CT scans.
  • Attributes Assignment: Assigns attributes regarding texture, margin, calcification, and location for comprehensive analysis.
  • Growth Reports: Compares nodule characteristics between investigations, generating growth reports.
  • International Guidelines: Displays adherence to Fleischner, BTS, or Lung Rads guidelines.
  • Integration Advantages: Seamless integration, customizable, and guided deployment for clarity and efficiency.

Use Cases:

  • Rayscape CXR: Enhances patient care by detecting 148 pathologies on chest X-rays, enabling quick triage and prioritization.
  • Rayscape Lung CT: Facilitates effective lung cancer detection and management through accurate identification and tracking of nodules.

Clinical Evidence

  • Emergency Radiology: Accelerates diagnoses, enhances accuracy, aids early detection, improves efficiency, and provides vital decision support.
  • Pulmonary Nodules Evolution: Detects changes in pulmonary nodules, contributing to efficient comparative analysis.


  • Dr. Razvan Capsa: Commends Rayscape’s AI software for its excellence in analyzing lung parenchyma in high-resolution CT reconstructions, reducing report-writing time.
  • Dr. Cristina Bilbie: Highlights Rayscape’s role in detecting a suspicious formation during a routine pulmonary examination, leading to additional tests and a confirmed diagnosis.

Rayscape stands as a beacon of light in healthcare, leveraging AI to transform radiology. With precision, accuracy, and efficiency at its core, Rayscape CXR and Lung CT optimize diagnostic processes, integrate seamlessly into existing workflows, and contribute significantly to improving patient outcomes. As a valuable tool endorsed by medical professionals, Rayscape is a driving force in the AI revolution, leading the way towards smarter and more effective healthcare.

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