Overview: PMcardio, a certified class IIb medical device by Powerful Medical, spearheads the AI revolution in cardiovascular care. This AI-powered solution stands out for its capability to interpret any ECG accurately in less than 5 seconds, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of 38 cardiovascular diseases. With offices in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Slovakia, Powerful Medical leads the charge in augmenting human-made clinical decisions with artificial intelligence.

Features: Key features of PMcardio include:

  • Rapid ECG Interpretation: AI-driven, certified for diagnosing 38 cardiovascular diseases in under 5 seconds.
  • Optimized Workflows: Digitizes ECG data, streamlining hospital processes and ensuring efficient collaboration.
  • Traffic-Light Triage System: Enables precise triage, distinguishing acute cases from non-urgent ones, preventing unnecessary referrals.
  • Reduction of Ischemic Time: Early detection of acute cardiovascular diseases, minimizing ischemic time and improving patient outcomes.
  • Clinical Superiority: Demonstrated average 38.18% improved detection compared to general practitioners.

How it Works: PMcardio simplifies the diagnostic process:

  1. Scan an ECG: Utilizing image recognition, PMcardio interprets ECGs from any device with a simple photo or upload.
  2. Answer Questions: Enter patient parameters and respond to basic anamnestic questions for a detailed diagnostic report.
  3. Evaluate: Receive in-app treatment recommendations and securely export ECG reports for collaborative care.

Use Cases: PMcardio serves various healthcare scenarios:

  • Hospital Care: Optimizes workflows, enhances collaboration, and ensures accurate ECG diagnostics.
  • Emergency Care: Facilitates quick and confident ECG interpretation, reducing ischemic time in critical situations.
  • Primary Care: Empowers quick and accurate ECG diagnostics, reducing incorrect referrals and improving workflow efficiency.

Certifications & Security: PMcardio boasts Class IIb medical device certification, ISO 13485:2016 compliance, GDPR adherence, and utilizes Amazon Web Services for robust security.

Testimonials: Dr. Jozef Bartunek, PhD, Associate Director of the Cardiovascular Center in Aalst, emphasizes PMcardio’s role in providing the best understanding and treatment for patients, contributing to saving lives and improving outcomes.

Prof. Nicolas Peschanski, MD, PhD, an Emergency physician and Clinical Professor, considers PMcardio a must-have app for digitizing ECGs in various situations.

Overall, PMcardio emerges as a powerful ally in cardiovascular care, combining speed, accuracy, and AI-driven diagnostics. From optimizing hospital workflows to aiding emergency care and improving efficiency in primary care, PMcardio proves its value in diverse healthcare settings. Trusted by leading cardiologists, its certifications underscore its commitment to quality and security.

Try PMcardio for Free: Healthcare providers can register for a free trial, joining over 25,000 professionals embracing AI technology to enhance cardiac care and workflow efficiency.